Let’s understand about sperm factor. Around 30 to 40% of the males have problems related to sperms, that means out of 10 persons three to four can have some disorder in their sperms function. Firstly let's see how the sperm fertilizes the female egg . At ovulation egg / oocyte comes out. This egg is very small, that is one fourth the size of a dot / full stop. It comes in the fallopian tube. After intercourse the sperms enter the fallopian tube. For fertilisation to happen sperm has to enter into the egg. There are two obstacles for the sperms. First is the 2-3 layers of cells called cumulus and the second layer is called ZONA. Sperm has to go through these two layers to enter the egg. The cumulus cells are bound together by hyaluronic acid. Head of the sperm (Acrosome) contains the Chemical (Hyaluronidase), which dissolves this hyaluronic acid and separates these cells away. Number of sperms required are a lot as each sperm head has a very small amount of this chemical. Hence good sperm count is a very important factor.

After separating these cells there is a layer of zona. Sperm has to penetrate this layer and get inside the egg. This required strength or force for penetration of zona, which comes from the speed of sperm. Therefore, it is necessary to check the motility of the sperms. This explains how count and motility are two important factors for the sperm.In some men the sperm count is good but speed is not sufficient, in some motility is good but count is less. Some have problems on both parameters.


Causes for poor sperms

Deficiency of Nutrition or Vitamins

Some people do not have a proper diet. Poor diet is the commonest cause of nutritional deficiency. Fruits, dry fruits & dairy products are very good sources of vitamins. Both water soluble and fat soluble. Regular exercise is also essential to increase our immunity. At Least 40 minutes is what one should for. Habits or addictions are a major cause nowadays. Smoking, chewing tobacco, Pan, Guthka or other harmful substances. Also consuming alcohol. If we see, all these substances are harmful toxic Chemicals. These toxins attack the sperm producing sites and decrease its production. This leads to not only low count but also poor quality. Causing many disorders in sperms.


Which can be caused by an healthy eating habits drinking or through unsafe sexual relations. It is important to note that, not all infections in the semen are sexually transmitted once. Other pathogens, which enter body from food & air, are also seen.


some men have defective chromosomes / genes. This leads to poor quality of sperms hence it is important to check karyotype before fertility treatment. This will help us to prevent abnormal babies being born.

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