Dr Ranjit Joshi

"OURIVFANGELS" is a team of passionate gynaecologist, who are highly skilled in reproductive sciences. The team is lead by Dr Ranjit Joshi. Dr Ranjit Joshi graduated in India and travelled to the UK for higher studies. He trained in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology for the first 5 years at Birmingham women’s hospital. Then he trained for his super-speciality in the field of IVF & Reproductive medicine at St. James University, Leeds. He returned to the roots in 2003 and since has been doing exclusive IVF practice. Due to this he could develop innovative techniques, media and instruments. The team has special expertise in problems of THIN / POOR ENDOMETRIUM. Patients with such problems are helped with innovative techniques These are currently under process and review of being Patented. The other areas of expertise of the team include IMMUNOLOGY OF RERODUCTIVE FAILURE. Patients having these problems, present with recurrent implantation failure, recurrent abortions and pregnancy loss. Dr Ranjit Joshi’s team is supported by Dr Mrs. Vandana Patil, Dr Mrs. Shital Patil, Dr Mrs. Sonali Baviskar, Dr Mrs. Nilambari Desle-Pawar & Dr Sachin Gawale. All the IVF experts are passionate clinicians and very empathetic towards patients.

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Dr Ranjit Y. Joshi, Adwait Healthcare

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